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Our vision is to provide exceptional therapy services that promote physical and mental well-being, and empower our clients to reach their health goals and live more active and fulfilling lives.

We take an integrated approach to your health, movement and wellness

Postural Improvement

Receive improved postural strengthening habits to practice daily.

Breathing techniques

Relax your muscles and mind during treatment through breathing techniques.

Strengthening exercises

Empower yourself to achieve your health goals sooner with take-home strengthening exercises.

Hot and cold packs

To support your healing and health goals.

Stretching exercises

Take home stretching exercises to increase flexibility and body awareness.

Body awareness education

Learn how muscles relate and how your body moves.

Our 5-Step Treatment Process

All treatment sessions offer you a safe, relaxing and therapeutic environment.
We address your health goals by asking for informed consent before performing an assessment and therapy.


Pre-Clinic Assessment


Treatment Plan


Manual Therapy






Registered Massage Therapy

45 Minutes – $110

60 Minutes – $125

75 Minutes – $150

90 Minutes – $175

ICBC Client information

ICBC automatically approves 12 RMT treatments within 12-weeks of a motor vehicle accident.  ICBC will pay $89.25 per RMT treatment leaving you $35.75 out of pocket for a 60-minute treatment and $20.75 out of pocket for a 45-minute treatment.

Any treatments after 12-weeks from the date of the accident must be paid by you in full unless you’re approved for further treatment by ICBC.

For further questions about ICBC coverage policies please send us an email through the contact form.


Massage Therapy

What is massage therapy?
Massage therapy involves a health professional providing, developing, maintaining, rehabilitating or augmenting physical function. Massage therapy can also relieve pain and promote health by assessing and treating soft tissue and joints of the body. 
What can I expect at my first massage?
You’ll first be assessed for physical pain and stress-related muscle tension, and your health goals will be discussed.  You’ll then receive a massage over a clothed body or over your skin with your consent. After the treatment, you’ll be reassessed and given homework exercises for rehabilitation if necessary. 
What should I wear for my massage session?
It’s advised to wear comfortable stretchy clothing. You can be dressed for the pre-assessment and full massage or dress down to underwear for the massage, depending on your comfort level. Only discussed massaged body parts will be exposed during treatment. The rest of the body is always covered with a sheet.
How long is a typical massage session?
A massage session is usually between 45 minutes minimum and 90 minutes maximum. A 60-minute massage is the most popular time allowing you to relax during the treatment.

The massage treatment duration includes a pre-assessment (verbal and physical), hands-on massage time, reassessment after you are dressed and home care advice.

Can you accommodate individuals with disabilities or special needs?
We welcome patients with disabilities or special needs. A massage can be performed while sitting in a wheelchair or on a massage table if you can stand and be assisted to lie down on the table.
Do I need to wear a mask?

You are encouraged to wear one for health safety however it’s not mandatory. Your therapist will always be wearing a mask while treating you.

Clinic Information

How do I make an appointment?
The fastest way to make an appointment is online through our booking button. You can also call us at 604-788-0019 to leave a message, and we will call back to schedule you in.
Is there a waiting list to book?
Often there is. However, appointments get cancelled regularly.  You can add yourself to a waiting list through the booking system by choosing the time and day you want to try to get an appointment. When an appointment gets cancelled on that day, you’ll receive an electronic notification allowing you to book that time slot.   
Are your therapists licensed and insured?
Yes, all our therapists have undergone a recognized registered massage therapy program in BC or other designated provinces of Canada and are insured and licenced.

You can use your extended health benefits to pay for an RMT massage treatment.

Please check with your extended health care plan first to see if you are eligible for massage therapy.

Is there a cancellation policy?
We kindly ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment. This allows us to offer the appointment to another person who may be waiting for an appointment.  
Is it necessary to fill out any forms before my first visit?
It is recommended to fill out all forms that are sent to you electronically before coming for a massage treatment to save on hands-on treatment time duration.  Otherwise, please come in earlier to fill out the forms electronically in person.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept most payment methods: credit, debit, apple pay, cash, cheques and e-transfers.

ICBC claims

Will my extended health care plan cover massage therapy?

Please check with your plan whether you have the coverage.

Do you offer direct billing for ICBC claims?
Yes, we direct bill to ICBC.
How many treatments does ICBC cover?
ICBC automatically approves 12 RMT treatments within 12 weeks of a motor vehicle accident. ICBC will pay $89.25 per RMT treatment, leaving you $35.75 out of pocket for a 60-minute treatment and $20.75 out of pocket for a 45-minute treatment.

Any treatments after 12 weeks from the accident date must be paid by you in full unless you’re approved for further treatment by ICBC.

For further questions about ICBC coverage policies, please email us through the contact form.


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